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Some notable players to use number 58 were Jared Borgetti, Juan Pablo Rodríguez, Carlos Turrubiates, Eric Wynalda, Hugo Norberto Castillo, Darío Franco, Carlos María Morales, Osmar Donizete, and Benjamín Galindo. Couldnt be happier!! Oaxaca! You might consider choosing a slightly larger size, as shirt dimensions can vary among manufacturers. Great service, timely delivery, soccer jerseys great concept! 26 games, from game 35 (1 May 2010) of the 2009-10 season until game 12 (6 November 2011) of the 2011-12 season. Bought it for my mate as a birthday present and it was very well received. Messi scored from the penalty spot to give the lead for Barça but Cádiz drew late with a penalty converted by Álex Fernández.